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Dan Rice

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Do this for someone in your life! Writing letters is such a lost art, and it needs to be re-found.
Kar Accidents

"Open When" Letters…
Write a bunch of “open when” letters, decorate them, put them in colored envelopes and seal them together in a package to give to someone you care about. Here’s a list of open when letter ideas:
Open when…
you need to know how much I love you
you’re mad at me
you’ve had a bad day
you need to laugh
you’re sick
you need motivation
you’re bored
you’re worried about the future
you feel lonely 
you need a hug
you miss me
you don’t think you’re beautiful
you don’t feel appreciated
you can’t sleep 
you feel lost
you feel like giving up
you’re stressed out
you’re having a good day
you want to walk down memory lane
you’re scared
someone is bullying you
you had a rough day at school/work
you need to know how much you mean to me



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